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Welcome to The Look Medical Care OÜ

The Look Medical Care OÜ has been offering medical solutions, innovations and equipments for healthcare operators and professionals already 30 years. During the decades we’ve been gained wolrd wide supplier and client base and good reputation among our customers and suppliers.

All the represented products have obtained certificates such as EU,CE,FDA,SGS and ISO. Our mainly market areas are Europe, India and Africa.

Our main product sulppliers are from Germany, Spain, Baltics, China and South Korea. The Look Medical Care OÜ represents wide variety of product lines as beauty salon electronic treatment equipments, equipments for surgery, medical grade face masks, laboratory equipments, digital solutions for pre operative 3D illustrations of breast augmentation and so on.

Because of COVID-19 there is a high demand of FFP1 and FFP2 face masks, surgial and single use face masks, masks with vizirs.

We have non stop transport for these articles from our suppliers to clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use following contact form.

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